Adult ADHD Testing

ADHD Testing & Diagnosis for Adults ages 40 - 65

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1. ADHD Testing & Diagnosing for Adults (diagnosis is made for those who qualify).

2. Written results for a physician and/or school.

Symptoms of ADHD:

Inattentive Type: Symptoms of Inattention:

1. Often has difficulty paying attention to tasks: difficulty staying focused during conversations, lectures and reading.
2. Often makes careless mistakes & lacks attention to details: missing or overlooking details in work that is inaccurate.

3. Often fails to follow through on instructions, chores or duties at home, school or at the place of work: Starting tasks but quickly loses focus and is easily sidetracked.

4. Often seems to not be listening when spoken to directly: Your mind seems somewhere else even without apparent distractions.

5. Often dislikes, avoids or is reluctant to participate in tasks requiring sustained mental effort like reading papers, filling out forms and reports.

6. Often has difficulty organizing tasks & activities: Poor time management, messy & disorganized work & not meeting deadlines.

7. Is often forgetful regarding, paying bills, keeping appointments, daily activities such as running errands and returning phone calls.

8. Is often easily distracted by many things included unrelated thoughts to what you are doing or the conversation at hand.

9. Often loses things like cell phones, wallets, keys, eyeglasses and paperwork.

Symptoms of Hyperactivity & Impulsivity Type:

1. Often squirms in seat, fidgets with or taps hands and feet.

2. Often talks excessively.

3. Is often unable to participate in leisure activities quietly.

4. Often leaves seat when remaining in seat is expected.

5. Often climbs or runs where it is inappropriate to do so. Feels restless (in adults this may be limited to feeling restless and not climbing or running).

6. Often interrupts or intrudes on others:
butts into conversations, activities and games. Using other peoples's things without asking or receiving permission. Is intrusive and may take over what others are doing.

7. Often has difficulty waiting their turn : for example waiting in line.

8. Often blurts out an answer before a question has been fully asked: Completes people's sentences & cannot wait for their turn in the conversation.

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